Beer & Wine Bags

Beer & Wine Bags

Beer and wine bags are a fantastic way to turn what you already sell into profit-generating gifts helping you upsell products, and increase loyalty (and new business).

Made from eco-friendly jute fabrics or non-woven materials, many of our beer & wine bags come with clever dividers that separate bottles in transit, making it easy to offer perfectly presentable gifts either ready-made in-store or for customer carry out.

Don't forget, all our wholesale beer and wine bags can be purchased plain from stock for next day delivery or overprinted with your business name or logo using our 7-10 personalisation service.

Do they work to increase sales? Read what our friends at "Wined Up" say about our bags...

“We bought 50 jute beer bags and offered them free when people bought 6 beers. If anyone came to the counter with 3 or 4 beers, we mentioned the free bag and it was a “no-brainer”. People just upped their purchase to 6. I literally trebled my beer sales in December. Adding value ensures we are riding the crest of the wave for artisan beer and fine wines. Jute bags are a natural tie in!”