Built from humble beginnings, The Bakehouse first opened in 2017 on the cobbled cornerstones of Putney, South London. The store’s primitive setup fell short of its seamless ability to cross-sell products until the store went through some changes in 2024. After the renovation works, The Bakehouse was sentimentally named after owner Chris Cary’s dog, Harvey, becoming Harvey’s Bakehouse.

Harveys’ had a vision. To create a captivating retail experience that took customers on a visual journey – from awareness, to purchase, and beyond. With WBC’s unique expertise as leading counter display suppliers, he knew that embarking on a transformational journey with us was a commercialisation opportunity too good to miss.

In an attempt to declutter product displays, Harvey’s owner tried to solve the store’s touchpoints himself “I couldn’t think of another way to solve this issue” he says “I was desperate to change everything.” The crowded countertops made it difficult for customers to make purchase decisions and although he had considered quick-fix solutions with full glass display counters, Chris soon realised that this was not what he had envisioned welcoming his customers in with.

He described the old display as “adequate… with all of the products just clumped together.” Lacking retail display shelves or elevated risers, some of his more intricately baked items were being overlooked amidst the countertop chaos. He knew there was a problem, but without creative insight or third party advancements, he wasn’t sure how to address it...
that’s where we come in.

Matlock Riser collection with Chalkboard tags at Harvey’s Bakehouse, Putney

Once Harvey’s had found our friendly UK-based display company, he reported having “absolutely no reservations about working with WBC”. Stepping into our showroom nestled in the heart of Herne Hill, Chris met with our retail expert Gerry to visualise how Harvey’s Bakehouse could be renovated and elevated.

Witnessing firsthand the countertop display products that could be utilised by the bakery, Chris described his visit as “Retail product presentation real estate!” he said “Being able to see the journey happen in front of me at the showroom convinced me that this is what was needed at the store. It was easily the best 30 minutes of the whole revamp process”

Matlock Riser collection with Chalkboard tags at Harvey’s Bakehouse, Putney

Railton 2 Tiered Display Unit with Small Metal Trays at Harvey’s Bakehouse, Putney

Collaborating closely throughout the entire refurbishment in January 2024, WBC capitalised on space and strategic design. Successfully transitioning Harvey’s Bakehouse from crowded product displays to curated retail presentations. His unique arrangement of countertop display stands transported customers through an unforgettable journey in-store, and left a lasting impression out the door. The result? A remarkable 10-12% surge reported in foot traffic within just two months of reopening, and a timeless display unit that led the way for effective pipeline growth.

“WBC are the go-to for all of the best retail displays” the owner concluded. We have since established a longstanding client retention and friendly relationship with Chris – proud to have extended our award-winning services and innovative products; which can be seen today across an array of artisanal bakes and perfectly positioned pastries – for a journey worth venturing into.

Mango Wood Cake Stand and Mango Wood Tripod Cake Stand at Harvey’s Bakehouse, Putney

Published: 30th Apr 2024