Display Hooks

  • Handmade Iron S Hook pk 6 RFHC03

    Ref: RFHC03

    €5,18 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £
  • Strong Self Adhesive Hanging Strips 4 Pieces pk 1 RSTDFH

    Ref: RSTDFH

    €3,39 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £
  • Clearance
    Merchandising Hanging Strip for Bags pk 1 CLIP

    Ref: CLIP

    €0,35 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £

Display Hooks

Display hooks are just one of the practical merchandising accessories you always need to hand when building winning displays and keep them in tip top shape. Retail display S-hooks are a merchandisers dream. Hang them from railings, display units, ceilings or retail furniture. You’ll be surprised just how handy they are.