Care Products

  • Chalkboard Paint - Black 250ml pk 1 S16033

    Ref: S16033

    £9.45 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £
  • Antibacterial Chopping Board Oil 250ml pk 1 RBPCBO

    Ref: RBPCBO

    £12.00 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £
  • Liquid Chalk Marker Cleaning Spray pk 1 S16025

    Out of Stock

    Ref: S16025

    £14.50 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £
  • Rustins 500ml Quick Dry Wood Oil pk 1 RBWTO

    Ref: RBWTO

    £12.95 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £
  • 400g Original Clear Briwax pk 1 RBRWAX

    Ref: RBRWAX

    £9.99 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £

Care Products

Congratulations! You’ve chosen the finest retail furniture on the market, now you just need to keep it in tip-top shape. Well, that’s easy with our collection of care products for retail furniture and signage. They include beeswax and oils for cleaning, nourishing and polishing wood-based furniture as well as practical accessories for cleaning chalkboards.