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Pulpsafe Same strength and a greener way to ship bottles BRINGING THE DRINKS MARKET A NEW SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION FOR SHIPPING BOTTLES THAT DOESN’T COMPROMISE ON PROTECTION. Pulpsafe offers the drinks trade the very highest level of protection for shipping bottles with the greenest possible eco credentials. It isn’t just plastic-free. It's recyclable, compostable AND biodegradable, and it’s made right here in the UK. PulpSafe is the most environmentally friendly option in WBC’s comprehensive range of transit packaging for bottles. All of our Re-packing, Budget and Mailsafe options have great eco credentials with a 7% recycled content and 100% recyclable, but PulpSafe takes what it means to be green, that little bit further. Why is Pulpsafe good for bottle transit? Pulpsafe is lightweight, robust, suitable for international air freight and capable of withstanding the roughest of conveyor based sorting system. Where PulpSafe starts to make a real difference is when it is compared to PolySafe and SafeAir protective packaging options, in fact, any packaging that contains plastics. While polystyrene is technically recyclable, current local government provisions make it hard to find facilities to do so. Air safe has similar issues with its plastic bag component. For those looking for high performance, environmentally friendly alternatives, now you have an option. Pulpsafe will offer substantial savings in comparison to PolySafe and is quicker to use and far more environmentally friendly than SafeAir. For Mailsafe, the key difference is a higher level of protection but at a marginally higher cost. For large volume users, call us to discuss pricing based on multiple pallet orders and full lorry loads. What is Pulpsafe made from? Pulp is made from water and paper; most often cardboard, newspaper or a combination of the two. When it’s mixed together, it forms a sloppy mixture that can be shaped, pressed and dried. If you ever made papier-mache at school you’ll know what that looks like. The great thing about moulded pulp, is that it’s eco-friendly packaging alternative made from recycled raw materials. It gives a new life to surplus paper but also reduces the amount of virgin paper used to zero. Found in the medical, produce, industrial and horticulture industries, moulded pulp is a multi-purpose material. Its recyclable and compostable nature offers your business a serious alternative to current non-recyclable plastic packaging. The Production Process The process begins by creating the moulds that are used to manufacture Pulpsafe. Using a Wet Pressing Technology, pulp is vacuum formed into the mould, wet pressed for a superior finish then transferred into the tri-zone dryer, evaporating the excess water at a controlled rate to prevent burning or scorching. Once dry, moulded pulp retains its rigid shape.

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