Vintage Effect Countertop Display Tray (pk 6)

Pack Size: 6
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  • Ideal for all your countertop retail display needs
  • Fabulous vintage distressed pine trays
  • Made from 12mm thick wood with water based stain
  • Made from plywood and inset with grooves
  • Ideal for creating enticing food displays
  • Fill them with fresh sandwiches, cookies or croissants
Recycled Content
Recycled Content

F this vintage effect countertop display tray near your counters to increase the sales of your most delicious and delectable produce.

Anything from confectionary to cosmetics and packaged snacks to baked goods, this countertop retail display is sure to lure your customers in when filled with mouth-watering treats.

Try filling them with fresh sandwiches, mountains of cookies or croissants to create an enticing food display in a café, deli or coffee shop setting.

Made from 12mm thick wood and finished with a water-based stain, this fabulous vintage distressed pine box is extremely versatile and can handsomely dress any style of retail display.

Additionally, this tray can be used as an alternative to a traditional wicker hamper.

Choose your theme, be it savoury or sweet (i.e. cheese and port or tea and cake) and finish with some wood wool, cellophane wrap and a ribbon to complete the look.

The base is made from plywood and is inset in groves and stained to match.

Choose from sizes small or medium.