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How to boost your sales during English Wine Week

Glug, fizz, clink… You know we love it! Especially when it comes from our very own fair lands.

English Wine Week is back. A national celebration designed to raise awareness and appreciation for English wine, obviously. Because the fact is we’re producing more and more of the stuff, with some English vineyards taking on the world of bubbly! So it’s something to celebrate and a great opportunity (‘aka’ excuse) to boost your profits during the week.

Whatever type of retailer you are – independent wine merchant, delicatessen, hotel, pub, bar or restaurants, in fact if you’re just lucky enough to sell wine, then it’s easy to promote key product lines of wine and wine accessories simply by creating hot spots and well-merchandised in-store displays, and it’s a win win because you’ll be supporting the UK wine industry in the process.

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The ultimate craft beer bag is booze news for Britain

Ultimate Beer bag

Craft beer is everywhere.  Peckham Pils, Windsor Knot, Camden Wit, Brew Dog Punk IPA, Orkney Blast, Cascadian East – you name it, whatever your postcode, the chances are your area has a brew of its own.

It’s gone viral worldwide too. UK micro breweries’ export is booming, the number of small craft beer producers in the UK has sky-rocketed to a 70 year high, and we’re drinking 33 MILLION pints more than we did in 2012!

At WBC Bags for Life we’re being called upon more and more to make printed beer bags for retail customers and breweries alike, for sale or giveaways. And it’s clever idea too. With a host of craft beer street markets, entire pubs devoted to the stuff, specialised food & drink festivals like Craft Beer Rising starting on the 19th Feb, and London beer week running until the 22nd February, there’s no time like the present to capitalise on the nations beer drinking.

So we’ve put together this simple 3-point beer plan involving your beer, our bags, and some seriously fine printing. It’s already helping retailers across the UK shift more units – with hardly any work involved…..at least for you…

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Sip sip hooray!! It’s London Wine Fair 2014

wl1Off the tail end of London Wine Week which ended a matter of days ago, yesterday I dropped by the Olympia for the London Wine Fair. It’s on until the 4th of June if you fancy a trip down, and you can register to visit here.

With 12,000 wines, 130 tastings and seminars and 700 stands, London Wine Fair creates the opportunity for buyers and sellers – retailers, restaurateurs, merchants and MWs – to meet in person and build relationships.

It’s all about discovery. The discovery of new producers and the discovery of those passionate people whose job it is to distribute. But most importantly it’s a taste discovery; a chance to sample unusual wines from regions across the globe.

At WBC, our roots are steeped in the wine industry. We’ve been supplying many of the UK’s producers and retailers with gift packaging for wine, transit boxes for mail order as well as branded wine accessories like cork screws and glass jacks for a quarter of a century now. But as a retail developer, it’s our recent range of wine display fixtures we call the BRIX display system, which I’ve been excited to be a part of developing, that hopefully will have a positive impact on simple ways to display wine in a retail and exhibition environment.

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3 of our favourite wines to try for English Wine Week

It’s English Wine Week and if you’ve read our blog ‘How to boost your profits during English Wine Week’, hopefully you’ve taken us up on the challenge and getting involved in some way. But for those whose chief involvement starts and ends with supporting the wine trade through sampling some of England’s finest, here are three favourites we’ve been drinking recently. Leave a comment below and let us know yours.

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Introducing Portaglas!

Introducing Portaglas! The amazing new storage box for glasses

We can almost hear you thinking – “Amazing? Really?? A glass storage box?!”

Well we could give it other adjectives like practical and efficient, before consigning it to history as just another functional box for storing things. But the truth is, if you’re in the catering, events and hospitality business, or a wine retailer offering a glass hire service, you’ll appreciate that it’s little functional boxes like this that can literally save your life. Ok not literally, but certainly and utterly metaphorically speaking, it probably could.

So we’d like to introduce you to the arguably amazing and certainly new Portaglas storage box for glassware and bottles and breakables. Here’s what’s so great about it.

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