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How to boost your sales during English Wine Week

Glug, fizz, clink… You know we love it! Especially when it comes from our very own fair lands.

English Wine Week is back. A national celebration designed to raise awareness and appreciation for English wine, obviously. Because the fact is we’re producing more and more of the stuff, with some English vineyards taking on the world of bubbly! So it’s something to celebrate and a great opportunity (‘aka’ excuse) to boost your profits during the week.

Whatever type of retailer you are – independent wine merchant, delicatessen, hotel, pub, bar or restaurants, in fact if you’re just lucky enough to sell wine, then it’s easy to promote key product lines of wine and wine accessories simply by creating hot spots and well-merchandised in-store displays, and it’s a win win because you’ll be supporting the UK wine industry in the process.

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