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Will Brexit effect stock availability of WBC product?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a fair few emails from customers asking about our preparations for Brexit. Specifically, how, if at all, it may affect product lines and availability going into the busy Christmas period. We asked our director Andrew Wilson, will Brexit affect stock availability of WBC product. 

We have reviewed the affect Brexit will have on WBC’s business and supply chain, as best we can. Most of our products are produced within the UK or outside of the EU, where Brexit will have little effect. 

For those product lines sourced from the EU, we have initiated an action plan. EU stock is being shipped as we speak to cover anticipated demand for the next four months to see us through the critical Christmas period.

We are therefore not expecting any delays or issues arising from this eventuality and it will be very much business as usual. There is no need to stockpile any of our products and you can order as and when suits you. Some key lines do sell out every Christmas if demand is higher than projected, so as in previous years, we suggest you avoid any disappointment by talking to one of our team to confirm orders in advance where the quantities are significant.

If the pound were to drop in value significantly, then some prices may need to be increased. It is always best to check online at wbc.co.uk for up to date pricing on any items you are interested in. We very much hope that existing prices will see us through until at least the 1st January 2020.

Please email sales@wbc.co.uk with any questions or concerns and our team will get back to you.





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