How to increase sales of Craft Beer

If there’s one product leading the way in surging popularity for artisan products, it’s craft beer. It is reported that by the end of 2016, the number of breweries across the UK topped 1,700. Real ale shares are growing – now at 55% and forecast to reach 70% by 2020. We’re drinking 33 MILLION pints more than we did back in 2012.

That’s a lot of beer.

And thing is, it’s no longer just your typical bottle shop selling it either. Delis, farm shops, garden centres, petrol stations are all getting in on the act. Wine shops are devoting whole sections to craft beer for the first time. Supermarkets like Waitrose, are announcing new plans to add another 25 lines to their existing roster of 90+. And if you’re struggling to drag yourself from the couch, you can buy it for delivery online in just a few clicks and be drinking it an hour later.

So if beer is big, and the craft market growing bigger – how can you use craft beer supplies to help you sell even more? We looked at a few cost-effective ways you can increase sales of Craft Beer this coming christmas.

Craft beer Supplies uk “Craft beer taps into our desire for locally made, handcrafted and artisan goods. Because of its authenticity, the local indie retailer is the best placed retailer to sell it!” James Stephens, Krafty Kuts Beer

There’s something special about craft beer. Which is why it comes with a premium price tag. It’s like buying a jam or honey made by a maker from your local farmer’s market.

It has immediacy.

It feeds into a trend where consumers are increasingly looking for more connection to the food and drink they consume.

Whatever the reason, social media is levelling the playing field when it comes to promotion. Smaller breweries are spreading the message like wild fire and it’s the supermarkets playing catch up.

Never before have we been quite so happy to hand over a small fortune for a small bottle of brewdog. It somehow seems worth it.

Local independents, wherever you are in the country, are in a unique position to sell craft beer with more authority and authenticity than the multiples. To know the brand, the provenance, your customers tastes and then sell it better than the host of supermarkets muscling in. It’s yours for the taking.

In the race to find unique gifts for the person who has everything, craft beer works. Especially when you find bottles from a brewery in your local area! At Christmas, what better present to inspire customers with than a small range of locally brewed beer gifts. You get brownie points for being thoughtful, double points for shopping local too.

From jute carriers to presentation bags, transit boxes and specialist beer tasting kit, simply search “beer”at to see our full collection of craft beer supplies. Now all we have to do is pass on the message to our in laws that socks are out and beer is in.

 Our 3 point Beer Plan

At WBC Bags for Life, we’ve been printing an increasing number of beer bags for retail customers and breweries alike. With a host of street markets this Christmas and specialised food & drink festivals like Craft Beer Rising and London beer week, there’s no time like the present to capitalise on the nations beer drinking. Here’s our seriously simple beer plan.

Craft beer bag printed - wholesale beer supplies uk

1. Pick 6 of your best craft beers
2. Offer them in a 6 bottle re-usable beer bag (JP/BEER)
3. We’ll print the beer bag with your logo in just 7 days

Then you’ll charge for the bag, or give it away as a freebie!

How much does a beer bag cost?

That depends on whether you’re printing from stock, or purchasing up a pre-printed one.

To purchase you own beer bag with your company logo is remarkably affordable. Overprinting from stock in just 7 days means your beer bag could be promoting your brand wherever it goes by the end of the week.

250 beer bags: FROM £2.95
500 beer bags: FROM £2.74
1000 beer bags: FROM £2.57

*Based on 1 colour 1 side (£25 set up fee per colour)

Not too bothered about having your own personalised bag? No problem. Our in-house design team have produced a beer bag with space for a selection of 6 bottles. The trade price is just £2.60 a uni Ex Vat.  You can shop the printed beer bag here.

Beer bags come with 6 dividers included, so that bottles or cans can be transported safely. As with all our jute shoppers, the inks and dyes are AZO free. The jute itself is a sustainable material. And to make our bags even kinder to the environment, a proportion of profits on every jute bag sold is donated to charity. For us that’s the Prince’s Trust in the UK, and the Cocobagh Social Business Venture. The latter directly supports the Indian communities that makes the range.

Do beer bags work?

They definitely do! We asked our off licence friends  Wined up here what they think – here’s their response!

Wined up case study



“We bought 50 jute beer bag in December and offered them free when people bought 6 beers. If anyone came to the counter with 3 or 4 beers, we mentioned the free bag and it was a “no-brainer”. People just upped their purchase to 6 beers. They went away very happy, as it made a great gift if they were not keeping the beer for themselves! We sold out of the bags and bought more in January and the trick still works!

I literally trebled my beer sales in December, compared to the pervious year. Yes, craft beer sales are on the rise anyway but by “adding value” it ensures we are riding the crest of the wave. Jute bags are a natural tie in! “

– Charlotte Dean, Wined Up Here, London @Wineduphere


Shop Craft Beer Supplies Online

And that’s not the only product to help you sell. From jute carriers to presentation bags, transit boxes & tasting glasses, the craft beer range is not only perfect for craft beer, but cider too.

For the full range visit and search ‘beer’ or click on the images below.


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