Monthly Archives: April 2016

All things spring at Forza Win


Welcomed in by a friendly tabby, we entered Copeland Park in Peckham for a unique dining experience at Forza Win; the communal eating pioneers where everyone sits at the same table, pays the same price and shares the same meal.

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Who was top of the class at the VM & Display Show?

Printed bags display

The VM & Display show 2016 returned to its iconic home at London’s Business Design Centre last week, condensing its usual three days into a two day event that included for the first time, the BDC’s permanent gallery bays, degree show exhibition and other special features. 

We dropped in on the show to see the hottest new products, ideas, trends and technologies which are being designed to stop today’s consumers firmly in their tracks. It worked for us! With key advances in technology like holographic mannequins and motion graphic signage, some of which is still in patent stage and yet to hit the market, but firmly stealing the show nonetheless. Here were some of our favourites.

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The very latest in retail Store Signage and Ticketing

Store signage and Ticketing Collection
If a whopping 76% of shoppers never speak to a sales assistant when shopping, how can you maximise sales and increase foot fall each effectively, without uttering a word?

Truth is, customers need help.

Before your customer is willing to part with their hard earned cash, they need to know which product is most suitable for them AND then what price it is. It sounds so simple, but we’re always amazed how many retailers still leave this to chance.

Competion is stiff enough, but with the correct store signage and ticketing, it’s even easier to turn a browser into a buyer. Without it, you could be missing out on sales.

This season, we’ve released a collection of over 100 carefully curated lines of store signage and ticketing options that we hope will help you in the art of communication; or to use the words of the merchandising experts…. the art of ‘silent selling’.

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Minimum wage rebranded, but is it enough to ‘live’ on?

The National living wage
The government’s decision to scrap the ‘National Minimum Wage’ and launch its new ‘National Living Wage’ on April Fools day was either brave, comical or sinister, and probably a bit of all three.

From April 1st 2016, it becomes a legal requirement for all employers to pay their employees at least £7.20 an hour. That’s a rise from £6.70 an hour, which works out at around £15,000 a year if you work a 40-hour week.

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