WBC supporting UK Record Store Day 19th April

In 2007, more than 700 indie record stores in the United States came together to celebrate what is arguably seen today as a culture in its own right – records, lp’s, vinyl call them what you will. Now, with the UK getting behind it in a big way, 7 years on it’s bigger and brighter than ever and culminates in a one-day extravaganza of independent retailers joining with indie artists alike with street parties, in store quizzes, special artist appearances and special vinyl releases.

Most of the staff here at WBC HQ are totes obsessed with vinyl themselves, so our very own sales manager Elyse Bacon (no relation to Kevin) went home, measured a few of our bags for life to find the perfect one for vinyl, and she’s put together a special record store bag offer for retailers. 20% off our super-fast UK Express service. That’s delivery of your very own cotton record-sized tote bags printed with your company logo or message in just 7 DAYS? Jeez Louise – the world was created in less time.

We’ve been printing bags for London fashion week as giveaways, we’ve printed them for indie retailers wanting to make some extra profit, and we recently printed the sell-out Bowie bag for the V & A David Bowie exhibition. Whether you sell them or give them away, it’s a great idea for record day – they buy your records, then they have a bag with your name on it to remember you with. Plus then you have yourself a walking billboard making its way down the high street too.

So if you’re interested, give Elyse a call on 08000 85 85 95 or email her at sales@wbc.co.uk and quote  CA1781M she’ll be happy to help you secure your 20% discount.

Record Store Day

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