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Who rules the world? Beyonce and her Nandos chicken

PA, Alex Cable Twitter

Excuse the provocative headline, but I’m wondering how it is that Beyonce spending some £1500 on fried chicken for her entourage at the recent V Festival outing, has made the front headlines of pretty much every major news channel from here to Timbuktu this morning.

I get spin, I get handsomely paid PR companies that use big names to drive home ‘the point’, but surely this isn’t headline news? Especially sat right alongside the current horror stories taking place in Cairo, Russia, Damascus, to name a few. Hell, even lady Gaga’s eponymous new single doesn’t get a look in.

In case you’re interested in current affairs, Ms Knowles’s order included 48 whole chickens, 24 tubs of coleslaw, 58 chicken wing platters and 48 portions of chips. And the only consolation to having to suffer such dreadful headlines as ‘Beyonce put a wing on it’ is that at least she had the decency to pay for it in the first place. Most of the chosen few don’t have to.

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Retail Display & Merchandising Collection 2013/14

You may have noticed that in addition to our annual product directory, this year we’ve produced a series of inspirational product focuses that give you a chance to see specific ranges, in-situ, in-store, all dressed up and fancy like. Our bags for life brochure is out now and next up is our retail display and merchandising feature which is also available online or in hard copy, but in case it passed you by, here are some inspirational stills from the photo-shoot.

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