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Clever clog marketing for dummies

Warwick based wine warehouse

Underwood wines nifty marketing ideas often a talking point on social media platforms

We’re pretty sure there’s no ‘definitive’ rule book on what you can and cannot do with your marketing and sales campaign. What works for one company could spell failure for the next.

If there ever did exist some golden manual to keep us all on the straight and narrow, it must have been re-written and edited a hundred times over. With the onslaught of increasingly left-field social media marketing, new CRM best practices, and a plethora of two-cents worth opinion on the dos and don’ts of how to do just about everything, how on earth are you meant to keep up with it all?

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Choose a bag: Wine bottle bag designs for 2012/13


I have a terrible habit of quoting Oscar Wilde.

Didn’t he say something like: “Democracy means simply, the bludgeoning [of wine bottle bags] by the people for the people….” ??

Ok, apologies for the slight rewrite.

But it is that time again – choosing bottle bag designs for 2012/13, has sent us all democratic at WBC. Here is our work in progress, and we’d love to know which ones you like.

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