Wine Accessories

  • Stainless Steel Wine Cooler pk 1 COOL1

    Ref: COOL1

    £11.50 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £
  • Wood Handle Bottle Opener pk 1 WAMWB2

    Ref: WAMWB2

    £2.95 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £
  • Raised Large Metal Serving Bowl pk 1 RCBD11

    Ref: RCBD11

    £22.66 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £
  • Metal Display Bucket pk 1 RDDB15

    Ref: RDDB15

    £15.00 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £

Wine Accessories

Our wine accessories have been carefully selected from some of the world’s best known brands of profit generators. You’ll find corkscrews & bottle openers, ice buckets and wine tasting equipment. Stock up on bar & wine essentials whether its for display, events or for useful impulse purchases customers can 'add-on' at the till.